Originally an actor, Bob Hutchison traded theatre for music a decade ago. After a childhood spent singing along to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen records, theatre to folk music was a natural progression. Now a seasoned solo artist, band leader and busker, Bob continues drawing inspiration from wells both old and new.

Bob's songs are vibrant, his narratives and characters vivid with action and antiquity. His deft lyricism spans tall-tales, philosophical imagery and melancholy ballads with confidence and wisdom. Bob's performances marry his singular tenor voice, dynamic finger-picked guitar and lively bluegrass-inspired rhythms with a consummate troubadour's sensibility.

When not playing his original music, Bob works with various projects as a singer, guitarist, arranger and harmonica player, these include:

Mandy Connell

The Hunter Express

Joyce Prescher

Ciaran Boyle Band

Grace King

Girl Friday & the Sepia Tones

Greg Steps & the Not for Prophets

Fionnuala McKenna

Bob Hutchison is based in Melbourne, Australia.