Poetry of the Lost

Early Spring, Libby Ferris and Grace King joined me in filming a live version of my song 'Poetry of the Lost'.

With Blue Shoelace Productions behind the camera and audio, we recorded near Dight's Falls, where overnight flooding had quickened the river into a bottleneck. There, surrounded by running water, we made music.

Libby Ferris - Guitar

Grace King - Harmonies

Skin Deep

I met Jessica Hailstone in Vietnam, aboard a junk-ship. Two weeks later, she and Doug McDowell accompanied me in performing my song, 'Skin Deep' in a Brunswick loungeroom.


Paint-peeled walls, splintered floorboards and the aroma of freshly baked bread permeated this shoot: a wholly Melbourne experience.


Filmed by Daniela Tantalo.

Sound & Editing by Bob Hutchison.


Jessica Hailstone - Vocals, Violin

Doug McDowell - Double Bass

I first heard Harvest Moon while driving the Great Ocean Road, roof down and sun burning. My girlfriend and I had stopped to swim at Port Campbell beach and later, while dusting off sand, an old truck pulled in beside us, Harvest Moon playing loud. Neil Young made sense.


Many thanks to Pete Lalor for helping me shoot this video, and to The Last Jar for allowing us into their beautiful venue.


'Harvest Moon' written by Neil Young.

Harvest Moon (Neil Young)